Dr. Magdeline Marai Francis

Dr. Magdeline Marai Francis


Dr. Magdeline Marai Francis graduated from Penang International Dental College with First Class Honours in Dental Surgery (BDS). She then applied her already comprehensive knowledge in Dentistry in various government facilities in state of Sarawak for few years. Dr. Magdeline also joined various NGO (Non-Government Organizations) dental teams in expeditions to secluded areas in the state of Sarawak to provide free dental care to the indigenous people of the state.

In early 2015 Dr. Magdeline left the government service to pursue her interest in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry. She then proceeded to attend numerous intensive courses relating to her field of interest in Dentistry. As a result Dr. Magdeline now has collected vast experience and knowledge in Aesthetic dentistry. Also skilled in full mouth rehabilitation, she continuous to deepen her interest in another field of dentistry, Orthodontics. Dr. Magdeline continuous to show promise as a rising star in private dental practice with her capacity to perform a wide variety of cases from separate fields of dentistry.

Being a people person with a special interest in art, Dr. Magdeline’s personal philosophy is that “Every Smile Counts” and it is in her interest to provide her patients with the finest oral care with the upmost standard of professionalism.

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